• Internship programs for ethnic youth and women.
  • 9 and 12-month schools to teach social awareness, democratic process, community development and human rights, as well as practical skills such as English language, computer use, research methods etc.
  • Empowerment programs to enable young ethnic women to become leaders in their organizations and communities.
  • Workshops on topics such as federalism, decision-making, leadership, advocacy and youth empowerment.
  • Researching and producing reports and publications on various ethnic issues.
  • Federalism, constitutional awareness and human rights activities in ethnic areas.
  • Monthly youth exchanges and dialogues.
  • Striving for women’s empowerment and gender equality within youth organizations.
  • Writing, publishing and distributing Magnolia, the only newsletter dedicated to ethnic rights.
  • Providing translation of articles and reports related to indigenous knowledge into/from ethnic languages.
  • Networking at local, regional and international levels.

Please note that, due to the security concerns of both staff and the youth communities, the above only represents an overview; we cannot give full details about many of the activities we are involved in without jeopardizing the safety of participants.

NB We are unable to offer financial assistance, grants or scholarships to organisations or individuals, so it is not possible to submit proposals to us.